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Monday, 23 April 2012 14:19

Powerpoint notes, chap 13

Written by David Sheppard
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nChapter Thirteen
Working with Families
nBuilding Partnerships and Relationships
nStages of Relationships
to Families

Gonzalez & Mena suggest practitioners go through three stages:

nStage One – Rescuing/saving
nStage Two – Understanding the family’s importance
nStage Three – Enhancing and supporting the family
nFamilies Experience Stress
nSingle parents
nDivorce and family changes
nEconomic conditions – unemployment
nStressful working conditions
nUnmet child care needs
nSubstance abuse
nChild abuse – domestic violence
nMilitary deployments
nHealth issues or inadequate health care
nFamily Stress Reflection
nAdd to the list from the previous slide
nReview the list and notice those your own family has experienced
nReview the list again and notice those stressors you are aware of in families around you
nShare with a partner, small group, or whole class discussion
nIs an ethical obligation of extreme importance
nChildren’s records are confidential
nKeep information about families & children confidential
nThe Family Education Right & Privacy Act
nMaking Families Feel Welcome
nHellos & Goodbyes
nSharing Information
nFirst Connections
nHome Visits
nDaily Greetings
nCommunication with Families
nFamily Corner, Area, or Table
nWritten Communication
nBulletin Board Message System
nCommunication Logs
nEmails and Phone Calls
nFamily Conference
nRoles and purpose
nSpace and time
nPlanning and content
nStart and end positive
nListen – put parents at ease
nGive and take in conversation
nFamilies in the Program
nVolunteers in the classroom
nSharing their knowledge, talents, and/or resources
nSpecial times and/or events
nLending libraries & resources
nWorkshops & work days
nMembers of advisory or policy boards