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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 15:59

study guide-final

Written by David Sheppard
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Developmentally appropriate curriculum- ( focus on age/stage of the child. the individual needs of the child. And the cultural/family influences that shape the child’s learning experience)

Curriculum areas

Curriculum Objectives

What is integrated curriculum/ theme

 What is the process of : K/W/L (or what do we Know, What do  we Want to learn,  what have we Learned)

What is webbing

Elements of the art process ( draw, paint, sculpting) ( Not:  cutting and pasting-)  

How do art experience enhance children’s development

What is at the core of math curriculum ( it is not numbers, and counting and facts --, but rather gaining a basic foundation for logic and quantification.

What is meant by literacy ( interconnected process of writing and reading)

The benefit of literature/language experience in children’s development( Goal is to create enthusiastic learners, readers, and communicators)

Learner-centered curriculum vs. . pre-planned curriculum

Appropriate group size for curriculum activities

Types of special needs

What is meant by Inclusion

What is meant by Child first language

What is an IEP

 What is meant by inclusion

Importance of developing relationship with the family

With the family, we want to listen rather than tell

What is a professional organization? Benefits being a member?

What is the purpose of NAEYC’s code of ethics?

Commitment and allegiance to the welfare of children is at the core of why you are a teacher