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Sunday, 07 October 2012 13:34

milestone assignment

Written by David Sheppard
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Milestone Project CDEV/PSY 104

You will focus on developmental milestones for children 0-12 months and     children 13-26 months.

For each age group you will pick a milestone from each of the 3 domains of development: Physical, Social-Emotional, and Cognitive.

So, you will have a milestone for each of the 3 domains for infants

 and a milestone for each of the 3 domains for toddlers.  = A total of 6 milestones

*For each chosen milestone you will provide a brief description of how that milestone serves to further advance the child’s development- what does it now allow the child to do, and what more advanced development does it help to set a foundation for.

*You will find a picture that provides an example of each of the chosen milestones.

*You will glue the pictures to construction paper, and label with : (1)the domain of development, (2) the milestone behavior, (3)the age at which the milestone usually appears, and (4) a brief description of how the milestone encourages further development.

For example:

-  Developmental domain:  Physical-

- Milestone: at 6-8 months a child begins to crawl-

- (a picture of an infant crawling)

-crawling allows children to more actively explore and interact with their world promoting cognitive development. Crawling also serves to……) 

You can organize and decorate as you see fit- I encourage you to be creative, but the emphasis is on accurate information.


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