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Written by David Sheppard
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Here is an address that links you to a website that provides examples on APA referencing):

Portfolio Assignment: CDEV 104


Our text delves into a number of different theories that provide a foundation from which we can view an individual’s physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development. Although coming from different perspectives, each theory allows us to interpret, predict and shape behavior.

It is critical to keep in mind that scientific knowledge, like human development, is not stagnant, but, rather, continues to evolve in response to research and social context. Therefore, in light of new discoveries, the original precepts of the established theories of human development are subject to continuous review and reassessment.  

In this assignment you will be providing an overveiw of the central terms/concepts of a major developmental theory - You also will be applying your chosen theory to the provided scenario. -  

 You are to provide a general overview of  your theory, utilizing specific terms and concepts. Within the framework of the theory you will address:

* What are the central developmental issues/ needs of the child?

*What factors in the home environment are  motivating/influencing behaviors of the family members.

 *What predictions can be made regarding the child’s future development?

 *How is the past current family environment likely to affect the child in later years

 *Identify areas in which some of the major precepts of the theory have been challenged by more recent research.

You will be required to use 3 professional sources in addition to your textbook. The source must be from a professional journal or text, book, magazine, or newspaper. No more than one internet may be used. Sources must be referenced within the body of your paper and organized in a reference page using APA style.

Paper must be typed in 12 point font and double spaced, and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

 For those who are Child Development (CDEV) majors, this paper constitutes the required CDEV portfolio assignment for the course.

 Scenario: 4 year old girl lives in a home with her single mother, who is extremely overweight and smokes and drinks heavily.

The child has never known her father. From the time the child was an infant, a series of men who the mother has had intimate relationships with, have come in and out of the home, never staying for more then a few months. Some of the men who the mother has brought home have been verbally abusive to the mother, and, at times, the young girl has witnessed the abuse. 

The mother was emotionally abused as a child. When she drinks, she sometimes becomes violent and lashes out at those around her. The child has witnessed these outbursts. On a couple of occasions, the child has been the target of her mother's verbal abuse.

The young girl rarely smiles and sometimes still throws tantrums. Sometimes the young girl rubs on her own body for pleasure, especially when she is feeling unhappy. The young girl rarely gets positive attention from her mother. Sometimes, to get positive attention from one of mom's many partners, she will sing and dance, imitating what she has seen the women do on TV. She sometimes feels jealous of the attention mom is getting from the men who come into the house.

The young girl has recently started playing with a doll, who she says is her baby. She is sometimes gentle with the doll and sometimes is angry and punishes the doll.  When asked what she wants to be when she grows up she says she wants to be a "mommy like my mommy'."

At preschool, the child often displays antisocial behaviors toward the other children: hitting, throwing sand, disrupting the play of others, taking the toys of others.

When the mother comes to pick the child up from preschool, the child often protests and stubbornly says she does not want to go, which angers her mother.

You may add any details into the scenario that you wish-