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Wednesday, 21 September 2011 21:06

study guide test 1/ first draft

Written by David Sheppard
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Why do we observe?

Senses used in observation

What is meant by 'assessment'- assessment is more than just observation and recording

Objective  vs Subjective

What are portfolios comprised of

advantages of portfolios 

What are some of the major influences affect behavior ( Such as: age, class, culture,  etc)

Open vs closed observation methode

Authentic vs formal observation method


What is the structure of a class list- how is it used



sepearation anxiety

What are transitions

What are some of the signs of seperation difficulties ( such as eating, sleeping, toileting, participation, acting out)

What does the American Academey of Pediatrics say about the role of the teacher in helping the child and parent cope with speeration

What is a Narrative form of observation

  What is an anecdotal record/ how is it structured/ who uses it/ what are the advantages

What is meant by 'autonomy'

What are self help skills/ how do we encourage slef-help skills

What is learned helplessness

What is the sturcture of a Running Record/ Be able to recognize common errors of a running record/ Wha are the advantages of a running record-

Be prepared to record a narrative observation from a short video that will be played in class.