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Thursday, 11 October 2012 14:25

unit 9- Number sense

Written by David Sheppard
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•    Unit 9
Number Sense and Counting

• Number Sense:
Understanding Number

• Number sense is the concept of

– understanding “oneness”, “twoness”, etc.

– making the connection between quantities and counting

– understanding more and less

– understanding important benchmarks such as 5 and 10 as they relate to other quantities

– helping children estimate quantities and measurements

• Counting

• Counting is a skill

– assists children in the process of understanding quantity

– provides understanding that the last number named
is the quantity in the group and supports number sense

- Counting includes two operations:

• rote counting

• rational counting

• Two Counting Operations

• Rote counting

– reciting the names of numerals in order from memory

• Rational counting

– matching each numeral name in order to an object in a group

 Examples of Number Sense and Counting Activities

Naturalistic Activitiess 

 Practicing rote counting

Use of number in child’s activities: “I have two trucks.”


•How many ears do you have? Put six napkins on each table

How many cups do you need to give everyone at your table one?

Adult Guided Activities

•Use of rhymes, fingerplays, and songs •Clapping and counting as a group

•Experience with groups of items 0-4 •Group games that require counting

 * Sorting small objects


• Note answers given by children during adult guided sessions

• Observe children to see if they apply what they know

• Formal evaluation can be done individually

• Collect child's work in portfolios