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Thursday, 15 November 2012 12:42

Music-Quantitative and High Eneg Activity

Written by David Sheppard
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Through the course of the semester, you will be putting together a portfolio of different songs that are appropriate for young children- Some of the songs will be for: Toddlers and some for 3-4 year olds.

In your 2nd section, you will be focusing on songs that relate to a common Quantitative concepts, such as big/little or light/heavy or a lot/a few

Your 3rd section will consist of songs that are high energy, joyful and lively 

For BOTH section 2 and 3:

You will find 1 song you think is appropriate for a toddler

and 1 song appropriate for a pre-school age child

You must choose songs that have not been presented in class by students or the instructor

You will type the songs on a page(s) so that it is neatly presented.

For each song, you will also have a page that contains graphics/ pictures related to the theme of the song.

For each song you will also have a page that provides a simple lesson plan for the song along with movement

The lesson plan will include:

*Group size

*The name of your activity

*The Objectives of your activity for each domain of development, (What you desire the children to experience)

*Your method/procedure for conducting the activity- (which details how you would introduce the children to the song before singing, how you would have the children interact while singing,(hand movements, body movements, group movements, instruments, repeat/answer vocal sections etc)

2nd section n due 11/20 

and 3rd section  due 11/ 27

You need to prepare to teach one of your songs to the class. You can not use notes, you must know the song.

You will present the song to the class as if you were presenting to a group of 4 year olds.

You WILL NOT be judged on how well you sing or your sense of rhythm.

You Will be graded on if the song developmentally appropriate, how you know the song, how you engage the class in the song, the movements that you put to the song, your energy level,

You May Not bring in music, but you can use instruments.