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Monday, 14 February 2011 09:01

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Written by Eric Lehtonen
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LRNA800Supervised Tutoring

Prerequisite: Must be referred by an instructor or a counselor based on an "assessed academic need." Tutoring and Learning activities outside of class. Students must be enrolled in an ESL, basic skills, pre-collegiate or collegiate-level course and must be referred by an instructor or counselor. The class assists students in achieving their course of study objectives and improving learning and study skills. Students work with faculty-recommended, trained, and supervised tutors.
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Start Time: 11:50 AM
End Time: 12:50 PM
Building: 2600
Room: 2608
Enrolled: 4
Available: 26
Class begins: 2019-09-30, Class ends: 2019-12-14

Fall 2019

MATH091Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisite: MATH 081 with a grade of "C" or better or appropriate placement. A further study of the concepts of algebra. Topics covered include linear and quadratic equations, relations, functions and graphs, systems of equations, logarithms and exponential functions, conic sections, and sequences and series. (Nontransferable, AA/AS degree only)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Start Time: 10:15 AM
End Time: 12:45 PM
Building: 3600
Room: 3600
Enrolled: 60
Available: -7
Class begins: 2019-08-19, Class ends: 2019-12-14


Prerequisite: Appropriate placement as defined by AB705 or, MATH 098 or MATH 091 with a grade of ?C? or better. The study of trigonometric functions, their inverses and their graphs, trigonometric identities and proofs related to trigonometric expressions, trigonometric equations, solving right triangles, solving triangles using Law of Cosines and the Law of Sines, and polar coordinates. (CSU)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Start Time: 6:30 PM
End Time: 7:55 PM
Building: 2700
Room: 2728
Enrolled: 25
Available: 10
Class begins: 2019-08-19, Class ends: 2019-12-14

ATHL120Intercoll Cross Country & PE

Prerequisite: Eligibility will be determined by CCCAA rules. This class is designed for the preparation and training involved with intercollegiate cross country competition. Maximum credit twelve units. (Formerly ATHL 156, Formerly PE 156) (CSU) (UC credit limited. See a counselor.)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Start Time: 7:00 AM
End Time: 9:05 AM
Building: 700
Enrolled: 8
Available: 2
Class begins: 2019-08-05, Class ends: 2019-11-22

MATH042Math 140 Support Course

Corequisite: MATH 140 This course is intended for students to take concurrently with Math 140. Included will be the review of rectangular coordinate system; introduction to functions and graphs; factoring polynomials; solving linear and quadratic equations; operations on polynomial, rational and radical expressions. (Nontransferable, nondegree applicable)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Start Time: 8:05 PM
End Time: 9:10 PM
Building: 2700
Room: 2728
Enrolled: 23
Available: 12
Class begins: 2019-08-19, Class ends: 2019-12-14