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James Patterson

James Patterson

Professor of English

Faculty Accreditation Coordinator

Bibliographical Sketch

Professor Patterson was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  

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    Dynamic ISER



    Introduction (History, Student Achievement Data, and Institution-Set Standards) 

    Organization of the Self Evaluation Process

    Organizational Information

    Certification of Continued Institutional Compliance with Eligibility Requirements

    Certification of Continued Institutional Compliance with Commission Policies

    Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

    A. Mission

    1.A.1       1.A.2       1.A.3       1.A.4

    B. Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness

    1.B.1       1.B.2        1.B.3       1.B.4       1.B.5

    1.B.6       1.B.7       1.B.8       1.B.9

    C. Institutional Integrity

    1.C.1        1.C.2      1.C.3       1.C.4        1.C.5       1.C.6

    1.C.7       1.C.8       1.C.9       1.C.10      1.C.11     1.C.12


    1.C.13     1.C.14 

    Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services

    A. Instructional Programs

    2.A.1         2.A.2       2.A.3       2.A.4        2.A.5       2.A.6

    2.A.7         2.A.8       2.A.9       2.A.10      2.A.11      2.A.12

    2.A.13      2.A.14      2.A.15      2.A.16

    B. Library and Learning Support Services

    2.B.1       2.B.2       2.B.3       2.B.4

    C. Student Support Services

    2.C.1       2.C.2       2.C.3       2.C.4

    2.C.5       2.C.6       2.C.7       2.C.8

    Standard III: Resources

    A. Human Resources

    3.A.1       3.A.2       3.A.3         3.A.4      3.A.5

    3.A.6       3.A.7       3.A.8         3.A.9      3.A.10


    3.A.11     3.A.12     3.A.13       3.A.14    3.A.15 

    B. Physical Resources

    3.B.1       3.B.2       3.B.3       3.B.4

    C. Technology Resources

    3.C.1        3.C.2       3.C.3       3.C.4       3.C.5

    D. Financial Resources

    3.D.1       3.D.2        3.D.3       3.D.4       3.D.5       3.D.6 

    3.D.7       3.D.8        3.D.9       3.D.10      3.D.11     3.D.12

    3.D.13     3.D.14     3.D.15     3.D.16

    Standard IV: Leadership and Governance

    A. Decision-Making Roles and Processes

    4.A.1      4.A.2       4.A.3       4.A.4 

    4.A.5      4.A.6       4.A.7 

    B. Chief Executive Officer

    4.B.1       4.B.2       4.B.3       4.B.4       4.B.5       4.B.6

    C. Governing Board

    4.C.1       4.C.2       4.C.3       4.C.4       4.C.5

    4.C.6       4.C.7       4.C.8       4.C.9       4.C.10

    4.C.11     4.C.12     4.C.13

    D. Multi-College Districts or Systems (not applicable)

    Quality Focus Essay

    Changes and Plans Arising out of the Self Evaluation Process



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    GREENWOOD: Season 4

             Episode 1 by Fernanda Camarillo

             Episode 2 by Judezmi Ramos

             Episode 3  by Bianeth Cortez

             Episode 5 by Roman Godinez

             Episode 6 by Erica Rosales

             Episode 7 by Lionel Neri

             Episode 8 by Makayla Robinson

             Episode 9 by Fernanda Camarillo

             Episode 10 by Carlos Valadez

             Episode 11 by Samantha Gutierrez

             Episode 12 by Jadrien Hernandez

             Episode 13 by John Morales

             Episode 15 by Oscar Buelna

             Episode 16 by Leslie Pacheco

             Episode 17 by Ricardo Tostado

             Episode 18 by Yesenia Sarabia 

    GREENWOOD: Season 3

             Episode 1  by Karina Canchola

             Episode 2  by Bryce Petter

             Episode 3  by Sabrina Alvarado

             Episode 4  by Elliot Ortega

             Episode 5  by Karla Lopez

             Episode 7  by Alan Pereda

             Episode 8  by Sofia Garcia

             Episode 9  by Alan Massey

             Episode 11  by Hector Garcia

             Episode 12  by Angela Aguilar

             Episode 14  by Roxanna Contreras

             Episode 16  by Clarissa Cota

             Episode 17  by Claudio Acosta

             Episode 18  by Nancy Aguirre

             Episode 20  by Karen Torres

             Episode 21  by Blessing Guerra & Hector Ramirez Dias 

    GREENWOOD: Season 2

    Episode 1   by James Patterson (story by Joaquin Lopez)

    Episode 2   by Haley Brinkman

    Episode 3   by Nick Fenley

    Episode 4   by Christian Romanos

    Episode 5   by Emily Encinas

    Episode 6   by Gabriela Miramontes

    Episode 7   by Manuel Gonzalez

    Episode 8   by Steven Talamantes

    Episode 9   by Amy Diaz

    Episode 10  by Brianna Chairez

    Episode 11  by Rafael Moreno Jr.

    Episode 12  by Aryanna Valenzuela

    Episode 13  by Jenelle Eggleston

    Episode 14  by Michelle Meza

    Episode 15  by Priscilla Torales

    Episode 16  by Kimberly Noriega

    Episode 17  by Brenda Galvan

    Episode 18  by Jennifer Dabbs

    Episode 19  by Kimberly Cabrera

    Episode 20  by Ruben Ramos

    Episode 21  by Stephanie Valles

    Episode 22  by Ishmael Campos

    Episode 23  by Karime Ambriz

    Episode 24  by Genaro Yanez

    Episode 25  by Kathya Lopez

    GREENWOOD: Season 1 

              Episode 1  by Eduardo Leal

              Episode 2  by Leslie Lopez

              Episode 3  by Elise Fregozo

              Episode 4  by Elizabeth Ruiz

              Episode 5  by Adriana Guerrero

              Episode 6  by Lilly Morando

              Episode 7  by Claudia Acosta

              Episode 8  by Franchesca Caliwan

              Episode 9  by Damian Nu├▒ez

              Episode 10  by Nataly Vasquez 

              Episode 12  by Brittney Ortega

              Episode 13  by Ricardo Jaramillo

              Episode 14  by Stevie Benavidez

              Episode 15  by Kimberly Torres

              Episode 16  by Camilla Leon

              Episode 17  by Daniela Acosta

    Copyright held by the author of each individual episode. 

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    Teaching Schedule

    Fall 2019

    ENGL250Creative Writing

    Prerequisite: ENGL 110 or ENGL 101 with a grade of "C" or better. Study and application of the principles of literary construction, plus exercises in writing of imaginative literature, including short story, poetry, and writing for the stage and screen. The student will be expected to attempt all genres of imaginative writing. The student may elect to specialize in one of the genres in order to achieve maximum progress. (C-ID ENGL 200) (CSU, UC)
    Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
    Start Time: 6:00 PM
    End Time: 9:10 PM
    Building: 300
    Room: 304A
    Enrolled: 25
    Available: 5
    Class begins: 2019-08-19, Class ends: 2019-12-14

    FILM130Introduction to Film

    This course will introduce the art, technology, language, and appreciation of film. Students will examine form and content, aesthetics and meaning, and history and culture. Students also will learn about basic cinematic techniques and structures as well as the roles of producer, director, actor, and cinematography. (CSU, UC)
    Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
    Start Time: 6:30 PM
    End Time: 9:40 PM
    Building: 400
    Room: 413
    Enrolled: 43
    Available: -3
    Class begins: 2019-08-19, Class ends: 2019-12-14

    ENGL201Advanced Composition

    Prerequisite: ENGL 110 or ENGL 101 with a grade of "C" or better. Emphasizes critical thinking in reading and writing beyond that achieved in ENGL 110. Written argumentation will focus on deduction and induction, an understanding of the fallacies of language and thought, the application of valid evidence, and refutation. (C-ID ENGL 105) (CSU, UC)
    Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
    Start Time: 6:00 PM
    End Time: 9:10 PM
    Building: 200
    Room: 213
    Enrolled: 20
    Available: 10
    Class begins: 2019-08-19, Class ends: 2019-12-14