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Written by James Fisher
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Aug 2002 - current                           Imperial Valley College                                Imperial, CA
Chemistry Professor
ACS Chemistry Club advisor
Stem Club Co-advisor

July 2000 – Aug 2002                       Sierra College                                               Rocklin, CA
Adjunct Chemistry Professor in Chemistry in 2A Fall 2000 and 1A Spring and Fall 2001
Teacher Instructor Assistant, Computer Systems Administrator in the Mathematics Department

Spring – Summer 2001                    American River College                          Sacramento, CA
Adjunct Chemistry Professor in Chemistry 2A Spring and Summer 2001.

August 1998 – May 2000                  University of Florida                                 Gainesville, FL           
Professor James Boncella, Primary Investigator.
Adjunct Chemistry Professor in 3A Fall 1999 and 2A Spring 2000; over 400 students
Researching and developing novel olefin and a-olefin polymerization transition metal catalysts for a major international petroleum company.

May 1996 – July 1998                       University of Louisville                              Louisville, KY
Professor Mark Mason, Primary Investigator.
Researching novel Group 13 organometallic phosphates and phosphonates for use as molecular building blocks in Zeolite-like materials.
Investigating proprietary aluminum alkyl-based epoxide polymerization catalysts.
Identifying, characterizing and modifying an epoxide polymerization catalyst.
1991 - 1996                                     University of Idaho                                     Moscow, ID
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry
Professor Pamela Shapiro, Major Professor.
Dissertation Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Cyclopentadienylaluminum Compounds.

1987 - 1991                                     University of Montana                               Missoula, MT
BA Chemistry, Math minor

Publications and awards:
Awarded $5K from Sierra College for Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) in Mathematics department.

 “Cyclic and Cubic Organophosphonates of Aluminum: Precursors to AlPO4 Materials, or Analogs of Alkylaluminoxanes?” Mason, M. R.; Fisher, J. D.; Mashuta, M. S.; Richardson, J. F.; and Vig, A. Inorganic Chemistry 1998, 37, 3734.

Heteroatom Derivatives of CpAl: X-ray Crystal Structure of [(h5-C5H5)(2,6-tBu, 4-CH3-C6H2O)]2 Fisher, J. D.; Shapiro, P. J.; Budzelaar, P. H. M.; Staples, R. J. Inorganic Chemistry 1998, 37, 1295.

Regarding the Structures and Fluxionality of Tricyclopentadienyl-aluminum Compounds, Fisher, J. D.; Budzelaar, P. H. M.; Shapiro, P. J.; Staples, R. J.; Yap, G. P. A.; and Rheingold, A. L. Organometallics 1997, 16, 871.

The Synthesis and Structural Characterization of the Cyclopenta-dienylaluminum 
Isopropoxide Compounds [(C5H5)2AlOiPr]2 and [(C5Me4H)Al(OiPr)Cl]2, Fisher, J. D.; Golden, J. T.; Shapiro, P. J.; Yap, G. P. A.; and Rheingold, A. L. Main Metal Group Chemistry 1996, 19(8), 521.

[CpAlN(2,6-iPr2C6H3)]2:  A Dimeric Iminoalane Obtained by Alkane Elimination, Fisher, J. D.;  Shapiro, P. J.;  Yap, G. P. A. and Rheingold, A. L. Inorganic Chemistry 1996, 35, 271.

Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Dicyclopentadienylaluminum Alkyl and Tricyclopentadieny-aluminum Compounds: Crystal Structure of a Bis(h2-cyclo-pentadienyl)aluminum Alkyl Compound, Fisher, J. D.;  Wei, M.;  Willet, R. and Shapiro, P. J.Organometallics 1994, 13, 3329.

Alcoholysis of Titanium Alkoxides By Fluoroalcohols.  Synthesis, Characterization and X-Ray Crystal Structure of [Ti(O-i-Pr)2{OCH-(CF3)2}2]2, Fisher, J. D. and Van Der Sluys, W. G.Synthesis and Reactions in Inorganic and Metal Organic Chemistry 1993, 23(3), 479.

James D. Fisher, PhD
380 East Aten Road
Imperial Valley College
Imperial, CA 92251
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