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Thursday, 11 November 2010 10:46

IVC Service Desk - Videos Featured

Written by Larry Valenzuela
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 IVC Service Desk: User Support Training Videos 


Staff Information 

Office Hours 

Information Technology
- Enterprise Systems 

Larry Valenzuela
(760) 355-6189

Building 1700 - Room 1704
8 a.m. -  5 p.m.  

Faculty and Adjunct Faculty can click on the resourceful Adobe Flash player video links below to view how to learn how to do a task. Note: If you cannot view the videos online, click here to download the step by step instructions on how to download the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to view the videos online.

Service Desk - Login Page - Click Here

Service Desk Client User Guide - PDF File A. NEW!
Client Videos: 1.
 How do I access the IVC Service Desk Online?  NEW!
Client Videos: 2. How do I submit a technology request, using the IVC Service Desk Online?
Client Videos: 
3. How can I see a list of history tickets submitted (Open, Pending, In Progress, Closed)? NEW!
Client Videos: 4. How can I answer a survey question? NEW!
Client Videos: 5. How do I submit a support request for Equipment reservation for single use? Coming Soon!
Client Videos: 6. How do I submit a support request for Equipment reservation for recurring use?  Coming Soon!
This request type is for staff to submit support requests for Classroom Audio, Equipment Presentation Training, Document Camera, Equipment Reservation, Internet Connectivity, Media Player (DVD, VHS, Blue-Ray), Other, Projector, Projector Screen and Touch Panel.

Tech Videos: 1. How do I access the IVC Service Desk Online? NEW!
Tech Videos: 2. How do I check to see if I have tickets assigned (opened)?
Tech Videos: 3. How do I update a ticket, add a note, delete a note and save a note?
Tech Videos: 4.
How do I add or delete an attachment file to a ticket?
Tech Videos: 5. How do I add a new FAQ to the FAQ list?  Coming Soon!
Tech Videos: 6. How do I close a ticket?
Tech Videos: 7. If a ticket is closed, how can I re-open a ticket?
Tech Videos: 8. How do I create a ticket report PDF file?
Tech Videos: 9. How do I search or sort by tech tickets?
Tech Videos 10. How do I search or sort by clients tickets?


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