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CIS 155 - Flash
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 10:54

Flash Final Project

Written by Andres Martinez

Final Project
Flash CS 4
Mr. Martinez
Due: May 7, 2012
Your final project is to develop a flash-based interactive module for a movie sequel. Your project should include the following:

Be sure to include content in your website. Having a great interface and a working product is great--but if there is no relevant content your grade will suffer.

Splash Screen:
Splash Screen - Motion Tweens/Animation/Sound effects/track that introduces your website. An 'Enter' or 'Skip Intro' button should be included.
a. You can animate via bones animation and/or motion tweens.
b. You may also play a video for this portion.
c. Sound must be included in some way or form--a sound track or certain sound effects that integrate with the animation.

Navigation Menu:
Website Home interface should include the following:
a. At least 8 different links to subpages.
b. Each 'over' state on the buttons should trigger an animation and a sound effect. Try to choose effects and sounds that are Professional, rather than, annoying?

Video Page:
A page on your website that shows relevant video.  The video can autoplay/not autoplay when the user navigates to the section containing the video--that part is up to you, the master of this product!
a. Site-wide, your product should include at least 3 videos.

PhotoPage/Image Gallery:

This section of the website will include a flash-based photo viewer.
a. There are many tutorials on photo viewers out there--choose one and integrate into your website. 
b. You can also choose to do a slideshow for this area.

Make use of of at least one component.

Final Steps/Integration:
Finish off the product. 
a. Include those "little tid bits" that are going to make your project stand out.
b. Beta-Testing. Test your product. Make sure everything works. If need be, have me test it on my Mac.

Additional Comments:
The items above are must have's BUT only including the items above will get you an average grade of "C" on your final project.  When creating your project keep in mind that I will be looking for unique and creative design elements.  Surf the net, gather resources, watch videos, resourceful and integrate ideas into your project that your think are eye-catching. 

Additional Resources:
1. View the following video tutorials to get started on your product.
a. Creating a simple flash website P1
b. Creating a simple flash website P2
c. Good Tutorials - Thousands of tutorials for Flash!



Monday, 02 April 2012 13:17

A8: Lesson 8

Written by Andres Martinez

Assignment 8: Lesson 8

1. Complete the Lesson 8 exercises.

Monday, 02 April 2012 13:09

A7: Vidoes

Written by Andres Martinez

Assignment 7:Videos
1. Convert your top youtube videos to f4v.
2. Compose a UI that holds your top youtube videos.

Sunday, 01 April 2012 13:14

A6: Interactive Interface

Written by Andres Martinez

Assignment 6: Interactive Interface

1. Create your own interactive interface.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 11:06

A5: Lesson 6

Written by Andres Martinez

Assignment 5: Lesson 6

1. Complete Lesson 6's activity.  Submit the final product as LastName_A5

Monday, 05 March 2012 09:17

Project 1: Interactive Interface

Written by Andres Martinez

Project 1: Interactive Interface

*Reference Lesson 6 for assistance with this assignment if needed.

1. Choose a topic. (ie. cars, sports, cakes, motorcycles, computer, games, world of warcraft, etc...)

2. Create an innovative interactive interface based on the subject chosen.


-Animated buttons with sound
-Textual Content
-At least 7 different pages (which means at least 7 different buttons)
     -Hyperlinks page that takes me to different resources on the Internet
     -Pictures Page
     -Etc, be creative...
-Motion Tweens
-Use of Labels on Keyframes
-Use of motion presets



Wednesday, 22 February 2012 12:40

A4: FreeStyle

Written by Andres Martinez

Assignment 4: Freestyle

1. Choose a topic.
2. Create a freestyle Flash animation.

Must include:
-30 seconds of animation
-Motion Tweens
-Fade In/Fade Out

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 12:33

A3: Lesson 4

Written by Andres Martinez

Assignment 3: Lesson 4
1. Complete the Lesson 4 activities.
2. You will end up with two animations (the Marsian and the Cars).  Save both in a folder named Lastname_A4.

Thursday, 26 January 2012 11:32

A2: Dancing

Written by Andres Martinez

A2: Dancing

Group with a partner for this project.  I will be taking you and your partners picture in class. Take the photos and cut out only the heads. Next, watch this video on dancing using bones and download the Dancing Flash files associated with the tutorial.  You will be using these files to animate your dance routine. Replace the head that comes with the files with your own.  Next, create another body for your partner and attach their head to it. 

Next, let the dancing begin! We will be holding our own Flashes Best Dance Crew (FBDC).  Animate you and your partners body using dance moves.  The animation should last 15 seconds.  Please use choreography. 

We will be voting for FBDC's Champion at the end using a clicker voting technology!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 12:12

A1: Lesson 1

Written by Andres Martinez

Assignment 1: Lesson 1

1. Complete the Lesson 1 exercise from the book.
2. Submit your final products in a folder named "Lastname_A1." Your final product will include a .fla and .swf.  A folder named "FlashA1" is on Transfer to Server--drop your folder in there.