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BUS 154

Written by Angelica Ruiz
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BUS 154

Keyboarding & Document Processing

7:55a.m. – 10:05a.m.



 (3 Units)

Code 20814


            Angie T. Ruiz

            Office – Room 802C

            Telephone 355-6339



Course Description


Designed to teach the fundamental skills and knowledge of keyboarding.  The student is introduced to the basic concepts of keyboarding production.



1.    Student will learn elementary word processing functions, which will enable students to enter, exit, save, retrieve, and print documents, as well as tabulate and perform line and page formatting techniques.

2.    Student will demonstrate ability to keyboard by touch method.

3.    Student will show skill and speed ability by improving speed scored by 13 wpm (with 3 errors or less) over the base speed score taken at the end of the fifth week of the course in a 3 minute timed writing.

4.    Student will show ability to center material attractively on paper by using horizontal, vertical, block and spread centering techniques.

5.    Student will demonstrate the proper way to format a business letter in block and modified block style.

6.    Students will show how to format a statistical table using open format with column headings.

7.    Student will type in proper form a multi-page business report with headings, table of contents, cover sheet and bibliography.

8.    Student will proofread all work to be reviewed for misspelled words and incorrect grammar.

Student Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proper tying posture and technique in a 5-minute timed writing
  • Demonstrate the ability to touch type in a 5-minute timed writing
  • Create and format a business letter in block style


Attendance Policy


The instructor will drop a student who fails to attend the first meeting of the class.

Your presence in class is of great value. Regular attendance in all classes is expected of all students enrolled.  A student may be excluded from further attendance in a class during any semester when absences after the close of registration have exceeded the number of class hours, which the class meets per week.  Students can be dropped if he/she is disturbing in class.

A student who is tardy three times may be considered as having been absent once.


Materials Required

Textbook:       Keyboarding & Word Processing Essentials-Microsoft Word 2010, Lessons 1-55

VanHuss, S., Forde, C., Woo, D., South-Western Cengage Learning, 18 ed.


Materials:       Memory Stick 1GB

Methods Of Evaluation


            Assignments                           30%

          Tests                                       30%

          Typing Speed/Accuracy          30%

          Final Exam                              10%


The instructor reserves the right to modify, change or add to the assignments or the number of exams.

Please turn off cell phone while in class.


Need For Assistance

If you have any condition, such as physical or learning disability, for which you need extra assistance, please provide me with information regarding your special needs as soon as possible so that appropriate accommodations can be made. You should also meet with the DSP&S support staff and counselors.

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