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BUS 164

Written by Angelica Ruiz
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                                                                       BUS 164

                                            Office Technology & Procedures I

                                                                M-TH 8:15-10am


                                                                    CRN 10815

                                                                      (3 Units)



            Angie T. Ruiz

            Office – Room 802

            Telephone 355-6339





The course is designed to teach students to use Microsoft Word 2010, on the microcomputer and to develop office technology skills.




1.    Demonstrate knowledge in the input, and output used in word processing and develop trouble shooting hardware  and software techniques.


2.    Show knowledge of storage media used in word processing.


3.    Create, edit, review, store and retrieve business documents using word processing software on the microcomputer.


4.    Displaying correct formatting and editing features for business documents and show knowledge of proper grammar usage and proofreading skills.


5.    Show knowledge of the find and replace function, block, and move function, and spell/thesaurus function for word processing.


6.    Exhibit the skill to key 40 words per minute on a 5-minute timed writing with no more than 10 errors.  Ethical behavior will be encouraged in this area.


Student Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

·        Create a report where essential MS Word 2010 functions are applied

·        Design and create an online form for a company retreat while applying critical thinking skills.

·        Design and create an agenda with the daily events of retreat

Attendance Policy

The instructor will drop a student who fails to attend the first meeting of the class.

Regular attendance in all classes is expected of all students enrolled.  A student may be excluded from further attendance in a class during any semester when absences after the close of registration have exceeded the number of class hours, which the class meets per week.  Students can be dropped if he/she is disturbing in class.

A student who is tardy three times may be considered as having been absent once.

Materials Required

            Textbook:       Shelly, Microsoft Word 2010, Course Technology

                                    121 Timed Writings with Skillbuilding Drills, Clayton, 7th Ed.

            Materials        Memory Stick 1GB


Methods Of Evaluation

            10% Speed and Accuracy

            20% Class Assignments

            10% Projects

            40% Exams

            20% Final

Course Outline

Weeks                                   Assignments


Week 1           Ch. 1             Creating Formatting and Editing a Word Document

Week 2           Ch. 2              Creating a Research Paper with Citations

                        Ch. 3              Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead

                        Ch. 5              Using a Template to Create a Resume

Week 3           Ch. 4              Creating a Document withTitle


                                              Test                 Ch. 1 & 2

Week 4           Ch. 6              Generating Letters, Mailing Labels, & Directories        

    Test                 Ch. 3 & 5

Week 5           Ch. 7              Creating a Professional Newsletter                                                                                                                   Test                 Ch. 4

Week 6                                   Final Project Assignment

Week 7           Ch. 10             Creating a Template for an Online Form                                                      

                                               Test                 Ch. 6

Week 8           Final               Final Project Assignment/Presentations/Final                                      

                                              Final                                       Exam  Ch. 10

Note:               Weekly chapter online quizzes will be taken


The instructor reserves the right to modify, change or add to the assignments or the number of exams. Class participation and attendance will make a difference in borderline grade.

Please turn off cell phone while in class.

Need for Assistance

If you have any condition, such as physical or learning disability, for which you need extra assistance, please provide me with information regarding your special needs as soon as possible so that appropriate accommodations can be made.  You should also meet with the DSP&S support staff and counselors.

























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