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BUS 180

Written by Angelica Ruiz
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                                                                              BUS 180

Microsoft Office for the workplace


10:15a.m. – 12:00p.m.

(4 Units)

Code 20850


            Angie T. Ruiz

            Office – Room 802C

            Telephone 355-6339




In this course you will develop basic knowledge of computer skills needed in the modern business office.  You will cover word processing software, spreadsheet creation, database development, Internet, and presentation graphics through the windows environment of a personal computer.  You will incorporate graphics into your documents with the use of scanner and clip art.  A working knowledge of the windows environment and a foundation for using a variety of applications for the personal computer will also be covered in the course.



1.    Develop a working knowledge of the windows environments of personal computers.


2.    Apply the following advance functions of a word processing software package: merge, advanced file managements, outlining, sort, and graphic imaging.


3.    Demonstrate the use of a second word processing package in order to illustrate the transfer of word processing techniques to an unfamiliar software package.


4.    Create Web Pages using Microsoft Word.


5.    Explain the operational technique of the flatbed scanner to other students after receiving directions form the instructor in order to develop the scan competency of teaching others a new skill.


6.    Put together on-the-job simulation and practice projects using integration, embedding, and desktop publishing capabilities.


7.    Build a worksheet through a current spreadsheet software package and incorporate the use of formulas, point mode, average, max and mix functions, and graphic charts.


8.    Create a database, learn queries, maintain and update tables in a current data base software.


9.    Build a slide presentation from computerized presentation software and demonstrate a final group project.


10. Learn the basics of Internet.


11. Show acceptable communication skills including proofreading, grammar, and spelling in all work presented for review.



Student Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Apply formulas to calculate total cost, gross sales and total profit.
  • Design, analyze, and present a proposal using Office applications, simulating the need of a college snack bar
  • In a simulated setting, communicate the snack bar proposal to a college Board of Directors


Attendance policy

The instructor will drop a student who fails to attend the first meeting of the class.

Regular attendance in all classes is expected of all students enrolled.  A student may be excluded from further attendance in a class during any semester when absences after the close of registration have exceeded the number of class hours, which the class meets per week.  Students can be dropped if he/she is disturbing in class.

A student who is tardy three times may be considered as having been absent once.


Materials required:

            Textbook:       Microsoft Office 2010: Introductory , Shelly, Gary, Vermaat, Misty

Memory Stick 1GB  

2” Binder

5-Tab Dividers


Methods of evaluation:  

            Portfolio                     10%

            Exams                        40%

            Lab Activities              20%

            Final Presentation      10%

            Final Exam                 20%



The instructor reserves the right to modify, change or add to the assignments or the number of exams. Class participation and attendance will make a difference in borderline grade.


Turn off cell phone while in class.

Course Outline


Wk 1               Intro. To Computers

Office 2010 & Windows


Wk 2               Microsoft Word


Wk 3               Microsoft PowerPoint

Wk 4               Microsoft PowerPoint

Wk 5               Microsoft PowerPoint


Wk 6               Microsoft Excel

Wk 7               Microsoft Excel

Wk 8               Microsoft Excel


Wk 9               Microsoft Access

Wk 10             Microsoft Access

Wk 11             Microsoft Access

Wk 12             Microsoft Access


Wk 13             Microsoft Publisher


Wk 14             Microsoft Outlook


Wk 15             Final Project Assignment

Wk 16             Final Exam


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