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Fonda Miller
Fonda Miller

Fonda Miller

Associate Professor: CFCS

Office: 2201

Phone: 760-355-6233 

"There are only two lasting things that we give our children - one is roots - the other is wings."

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Course Schedule

Written by Fonda Miller

Spring 2020

CDEV200Practicum - Field Experience

Prerequisites: CDEV 100; CDEV 103, CDEV/PSY 104; CDEV 105; CDEV 106; CDEV 107; and 4.0/5.0 units from the following: CDEV 120, CDEV 121, CDEV 122, CDEV 123, CDEV 124, OR CDEV 125; and approval from the Child Development Department. A demonstration of developmentally appropriate early childhood teaching competencies under guided supervision. Students will utilize practical classroom experiences to make connections between theory and practice, reflective practices, develop professional behaviors, and build a comprehensive understanding of children and families. Child centered, play-oriented approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment; and knowledge of curriculum content areas will be emphasized as student teachers design, implement and evaluate experiences that promote positive development and learning for all young children. The Child Development Program's Comprehensive Portfolio will be assembled and presented in this course. This course requires lecture and supervised lab. (C-ID ECE 210) (CSU)
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Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 8:05 PM
Building: 200
Room: 201
Enrolled: 13
Class begins: 2020-02-18, Class ends: 2020-06-12