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Monday, 31 January 2011 11:52

103 Reflection Questions 1-4

Written by Fonda Miller
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CDEV 103 – Child, Family and Comunity                     

Due Date: ________


Reflection Questions – Chapters 1-4


1.  Think of a “best friend” from your childhood.  How was their microsystem different from yours?  Their macrosystem?   Explain.


2.  During your childhood which of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs do you feel were well met?  Which were not?  Explain.  How did important adults in your life effect how your needs were met or not?


3.  Think of examples of how you experienced a parent or other close adult in your life as your “first teacher”.


4.  Which of the ‘lenses’ presented in Chapter 1 interests you the most and why?  How would you use this lens to think about your life now?


Chapter 2

1.  Are you a person with trust issues?   Explain.


2.  Babies are often different from what parents expect.  Did you live up to your parents expectations as a baby?    As an adult?


3.  What do you know about your attachment process?


Chapter 3

1,  How do you respond to negativity?   How do you feel about your typical response?


2.  Are you an adult who says “no” when appropriate?   What does “no” mean to you?


3.  What messages did you receive as a child about your capabilities?   How did those messages affect you?


4.What memories do you have of a significant ‘separation’ in your childhood or life?  What aftereffects, if any, do you have from this experience?


Chapter 4

1. What do you think of Briana’s behaviors?  What do you think of her teachers



2.What is your experience with shy and aggressive people?


3.What are some outlets you have for reducing tension?


4.  Can you remember a time in your childhood that you felt powerful?  Describe the feelings and situation.

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