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Fonda Miller

Fonda Miller

Associate Professor: CFCS

Office: 2201

Phone: 760-355-6233 

"There are only two lasting things that we give our children - one is roots - the other is wings."

Website URL: E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 14:08

CDEV 106 syllabus

CDEV 106- syllabus.pdf 

To access CDEV 106 syllabus click the above link.

Wednesday, 09 February 2011 14:03

CDEV 120 syllabus

CDEV 120 syllabus.pdf

Click the above link to access the syllabus.

Wednesday, 02 February 2011 12:00

CDEV 101 syllabus

CDEV 101 - syllabus- A.pdf

Click the above link to access CDEV 101 syllabus 

Wednesday, 02 February 2011 09:56

CDEV 105 syllabus

CDEV 105 - syllabus 10-11.pdf

Click the above link to access CDEV 105 syllabus.

Tuesday, 01 February 2011 15:04

CDEV 103 Syllabus, Sp 2011

CDEV 103 - syllabus.pdf

 (Click the link above to access the CDEV 103 course syllabus)

Monday, 31 January 2011 11:52

103 Reflection Questions 1-4


CDEV 103 – Child, Family and Comunity                     

Due Date: ________


Reflection Questions – Chapters 1-4


1.  Think of a “best friend” from your childhood.  How was their microsystem different from yours?  Their macrosystem?   Explain.


2.  During your childhood which of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs do you feel were well met?  Which were not?  Explain.  How did important adults in your life effect how your needs were met or not?


3.  Think of examples of how you experienced a parent or other close adult in your life as your “first teacher”.


4.  Which of the ‘lenses’ presented in Chapter 1 interests you the most and why?  How would you use this lens to think about your life now?


Chapter 2

1.  Are you a person with trust issues?   Explain.


2.  Babies are often different from what parents expect.  Did you live up to your parents expectations as a baby?    As an adult?


3.  What do you know about your attachment process?


Chapter 3

1,  How do you respond to negativity?   How do you feel about your typical response?


2.  Are you an adult who says “no” when appropriate?   What does “no” mean to you?


3.  What messages did you receive as a child about your capabilities?   How did those messages affect you?


4.What memories do you have of a significant ‘separation’ in your childhood or life?  What aftereffects, if any, do you have from this experience?


Chapter 4

1. What do you think of Briana’s behaviors?  What do you think of her teachers



2.What is your experience with shy and aggressive people?


3.What are some outlets you have for reducing tension?


4.  Can you remember a time in your childhood that you felt powerful?  Describe the feelings and situation.

Monday, 31 January 2011 11:08

Kindred Spirits


Kindred Spirits

By Susan Anderson

Learning is about relationships.

Most of which are formed while we make discoveries.

And no one celebrates discoveries quite like those who know the child within,

And in others visualize the possibilities with which we all began.

This vision makes us kindred spirits.

The kind of spirits that find high rewards in hugs;

Put dandelions in water,

Use compassion with dead goldfish,

Take 20 children to the zoo and return the same number,

Speed tie tennis shoes & black patent leather buckles.

Really celebrate February 14th,

And guard family secrets and overheard


Recycle everything and believe in


These kindred spirits have liberty daily, to laugh, and cry

Sit on the floor,

Paint and swing,

Hold hands and look into faces that

Reflect life.

To some the power of the job is frightening, sometimes the trust bestowed upon us, to care for Humanity’s Child sinks in.

Then we pause to watch even more closely, knowing that the future of this planet sits precariously in the laps and arms of kindred spirits all around the earth.

With gentle beings who love learning and children, and live with a passion for something every day.

What do these spirits manifest for the future?

Compassion, joy, respect, ,curiosity,

Love, honesty, creativity and

An appreciation of life through someone else’s eyes.

Most people will never know what we know,

About the handholding, the dandelions and the sweaty hugs.

It is their loss.

And, it is what makes us kindred spirits.

Monday, 31 January 2011 10:58

Zorba the Greek Reflection


Excerpt from “Zorba the Greek”

By Nikos Kazantzakis




I remembered one morning when I discovered a cocoon in the bark of a tree, just as a butterfly was making a hole in its case and preparing to come out.



I waited a while, but it was too long appearing and I was impatient.  I bent over it and breathed in it to warm it.  I warmed it as quickly as I could and the miracle began to happen before my eyes, faster than life.



The case opened, the butterfly started slowly crawling out and I shall never forget my horror when I saw how its wings were folded back and crumpled; the wretched butterfly tried with its whole trembling body to unfold them.



Bending over it, I tried to help it with my breath.  In vain.  It needed to be hatched out patiently and the unfolding wings should be a gradual process in the sun.  Now it was too late.  My breath had forced the butterfly to appear, all crumpled, before its time.  It struggled desperately and a few seconds later, died in the palm of my hand.



The little body is, I do believe, the greatest weight I have on my conscience.  For I realize today that it is a mortal sin to violate the great laws of nature.  We should not hurry, we should not be impatient, but we should confidently

obey the eternal rhythm.




CHILDHOOD is a journey, not a race.

Monday, 24 January 2011 07:58

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