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Dynamic ISER

Written by James Patterson
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Introduction (History, Student Achievement Data, and Institution-Set Standards) 

Organization of the Self Evaluation Process

Organizational Information

Certification of Continued Institutional Compliance with Eligibility Requirements

Certification of Continued Institutional Compliance with Commission Policies

Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

A. Mission

1.A.1       1.A.2       1.A.3       1.A.4

B. Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness

1.B.1       1.B.2        1.B.3       1.B.4       1.B.5

1.B.6       1.B.7       1.B.8       1.B.9

C. Institutional Integrity

1.C.1        1.C.2      1.C.3       1.C.4        1.C.5       1.C.6

1.C.7       1.C.8       1.C.9       1.C.10      1.C.11     1.C.12


1.C.13     1.C.14 

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services

A. Instructional Programs

2.A.1         2.A.2       2.A.3       2.A.4        2.A.5       2.A.6

2.A.7         2.A.8       2.A.9       2.A.10      2.A.11      2.A.12

2.A.13      2.A.14      2.A.15      2.A.16

B. Library and Learning Support Services

2.B.1       2.B.2       2.B.3       2.B.4

C. Student Support Services

2.C.1       2.C.2       2.C.3       2.C.4

2.C.5       2.C.6       2.C.7       2.C.8

Standard III: Resources

A. Human Resources

3.A.1       3.A.2       3.A.3         3.A.4      3.A.5

3.A.6       3.A.7       3.A.8         3.A.9      3.A.10


3.A.11     3.A.12     3.A.13       3.A.14    3.A.15 

B. Physical Resources

3.B.1       3.B.2       3.B.3       3.B.4

C. Technology Resources

3.C.1        3.C.2       3.C.3       3.C.4       3.C.5

D. Financial Resources

3.D.1       3.D.2        3.D.3       3.D.4       3.D.5       3.D.6 

3.D.7       3.D.8        3.D.9       3.D.10      3.D.11     3.D.12

3.D.13     3.D.14     3.D.15     3.D.16

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance

A. Decision-Making Roles and Processes

4.A.1      4.A.2       4.A.3       4.A.4 

4.A.5      4.A.6       4.A.7 

B. Chief Executive Officer

4.B.1       4.B.2       4.B.3       4.B.4       4.B.5       4.B.6

C. Governing Board

4.C.1       4.C.2       4.C.3       4.C.4       4.C.5

4.C.6       4.C.7       4.C.8       4.C.9       4.C.10

4.C.11     4.C.12     4.C.13

D. Multi-College Districts or Systems (not applicable)

Quality Focus Essay

Changes and Plans Arising out of the Self Evaluation Process



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