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Course Schedule

Written by James Fisher

Spring 2021

CHEM100Introduction To Chemistry

Prerequisite: MATH 091 with a grade of "C" or better. Elementary principles of general inorganic chemistry, a preparatory course for CHEM 200. Previous science background is recommended but not required. This course is designed for non-science majors and students who need only a one-semester general chemistry course, and also for students entering a paramedical and allied health fields, and industrial applications such as power plants. This course will satisfy the prerequisite for CHEM 200. (C-ID CHEM 101) (CSU) (UC credit limited. See a counselor.)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Available: 10
Class begins: 2021-02-16, Class ends: 2021-06-11

CHEM200General Inorganic Chemistry I

Prerequisite: CHEM 100 with a grade of "C" or better. Basic principles and calculations of chemistry with emphasis on stoichiometry and dimension analysis applied to various problem types. Fundamental principles and theory of atomic and molecular structure as related to bonding and molecular geometry. Study of kinetic molecular theory, the first law of thermodynamics, periodic relationships of the elements, physical states of matter, solution chemistry, and oxidation-reduction. The laboratory is closely related to lecture topics and includes methods of classical experimentation as well as certain instrumental analysis. (C-ID CHEM 110 or C-ID CHEM 120 S with CHEM 202) (CSU, UC)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Available: 6
Class begins: 2021-02-16, Class ends: 2021-06-11

CHEM202General Inorganic Chemistry II

Prerequisite: CHEM 200 with a grade of "C" or better. This course includes a detailed study of chemical reaction rates, the equilibrium condition as it applies to acids and bases as well as solubility, thermodynamics and the properties of spontaneous reactions, electrochemistry, chemistry of the transition elements, and nuclear processes. A survey of topics in organic chemistry and biochemistry is also included. This is the second course of the chemistry series. (C-ID CHEM 120 S) (CSU, UC)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Start Time: 8:00 AM
End Time: 11:10 AM
Building: ONL-ZM
Enrolled: 15
Available: 15
Class begins: 2021-02-16, Class ends: 2021-06-11