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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 07:52

Assignment for Week of 09/12/2011

Written by Robert Gallegos
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Read the following chapters before the next class meeting on 09/19/2011.
Chapter 5 Meeting the Media:
Adding images to your pages.
Chapter 6 Serious HTML: Standards, compliance, and all that jazz.

Complete Homework 2
If you did not finish Homework 2 in class on 09/12/2011, please turn it in along with Homework 3 on 09/19/2011.

Complete Homework 3
Homework 3 to be handed in on 09/19/2011.

Complete Lab 2
Lab to be handed in on 09/19/2011.
Make sure to hand in your sketch, outline and print out your HTML code for your lab.

This is the only time I will be posting a Lab online. All remaining Labs will be handed out during class!

Be prepared for a quiz over chapters 5 and 6 on 09/19/2011.

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