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Lab 2

Written by Robert Gallegos
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CIS 212      Fall 2011
Lab 2         Date handed out: 09/12/2011
3 Web Page Construction: building blocks

4 A Trip to Webville: getting connected

Note: If not finish by the end of the class session on 09/12/2011, students may turn it in at the beginning of the following class on 19/19/2011.

This is the only time I will be posting a Lab online. All remaining Labs will be handed out during class!

1. Using Notepad or Notepad++, create a 2 page website with the ability to navigate back and forth from each.

2. Plan the structure of your Web pages before you start typing in the content. Start with a sketch, then create an
    outline, and finally write the HTML.

3. Use your name as the domain and for your website. Example - www.robertgallegos.net

4. Use the following elements.







<h3> to <h6> optional



<em></em> or <strong></strong>

<a href= “”> </a> (link)

<a href=“../”> </a> (up folder / parent folder)

<a href=“” title= “”> (info tool)

<a title=“_blank” href=“” title= “”> (new window taget)

<br> (line break)

<li></li>(list element)

<ul></ul> (unordered list element)

<ol></ol> (ordered list element)

<dl></dl> (definition list element)

<dt></dt>  (definition term element)

<dd></dd>  (definition element)

5. Also, use these character entities within your content.

&lt;         <

&gt;        >

&amp;    &

6. Once finished, save your work and print out your HTML code. Make sure your name is on all your sheets.
    Hand in your sketch, outline and printed HTML code to receive full credit for Lab 2.


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