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Monday, 17 October 2011 18:44

Homework #7

Written by Robert Gallegos
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CIS 212          Fall 2011         Homework 7                            Date handed out: 10/17/2011

Reading Assignment:
13 Getting Tabular: tables and more lists

Note: Your answers must be turned in handwritten, (no typed responses will be accepted). Students can print out the homework and write in their answers.

Homework is due at beginning of class on Monday October 24th, 2011.

  1. XHTML has a <____________________> element to take care of all your tabular needs.

  2. We call each piece of data a cell, or sometime just table ____________________.

  3. Each <_____> element forms a table row.

  4. Each <_____> element is a table heading for a column.

  5. Each <_____> elements each hold one piece of table data.

  6. Four elements used to create a single table: <_______> <_____> <_____> <_____>

  7. The <_______> tag is the tag that starts the whole thing off.

  8. The ____________________ doesn’t appear on the Web page display.

  9. The ____________________, on the other hand, is displayed in the browser.

  10. Remember, in browsers that don’t support the caption-side property, the caption will still be at the top of the ____________________.

  11. The ____________________ model is a good way to think about table cells, but they do differ when it comes down to margins.

  12. We call the space in between the cells ____________________-____________________. (Two words)

  13. You can’t set the “____________________” of an individual table cell; rather you set a common spacing around all cells.

  14. Yes     or      No     So border spacing is defined for the entire table, while a margin can be set for an individual element?

  15. Yes     or      No     Is there any way to have different border spacing on the vertical than I have on the horizontal?

  16. We’re sorry to report that ____________________ version 6 doesn’t support border-spacing.

  17. You can use a CSS property called ____________________-____________________ to collapse the borders so that there is no bordering spacing at all.

  18. Just like for any other element, all you need to do is set the ____________________-____________________ property on a table cell to change it color.

  19. You use the ____________________ attribute to specify how many rows a table data cell should take up, and then remove the corresponding table data elements from the other rows that the cell spans over.

  20. Yes     or      No     Can I have a colspan and rowspan in the same <td>?

  21. Nested tables in XHTML are straight forward. All you need to do is put another <table> element inside a <____>.

  22. The main list property is called ____________________-____________________-____________________ and it allows you to control the bullets (or “markers”, as they are called) used in your lists.

  23. List-style-image that lets you set an ____________________ to be the marker for the list.

  24. Using CSS you can control whether an ordered lists’ markers are decimal numbers, roman numerals or alphabetic letters (like a, b, c) with the ____________________-____________________-____________________ property.

  25. There’s a property called ____________________-____________________-____________________. If you set this property to “inside” then your text will wrap under the marker. If you set it to “outside” then it will wrap just under the text above it.