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Monday, 07 November 2011 18:33

Final Project #1

Written by Robert Gallegos
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CIS 212          Fall 2011                               Final Project #1                   Date handed out: 11/07/11

Create your own 4 page professional website containing the following sections.

Page 1

         Welcome page

Page 2
About Me (Button)
         Covers the following:
         Who you are.
         What your personal and educational goals are.
         What you like to do on your spare time, hobbies, social groups, etc.
         Were you see yourself in ten years.

Page 3
Contact Information
         Information an employer can use to contact you, such as your phone number as well as
         your email address.

Page 4
         Create an online resume (formatting it using the elements you have learned from your textbook)
         Resume should include the following:
         Full Name, address, phone number, email address, your website address
         Qualifications (This is usually where you list the programs you know)
         Specialized skills (Any kind of skills that make you stand out from the crowd)
         Education (List everything up to this point)
         Work History (list everything up to this point)
         References (“Available upon request”)

Download resume (Button) - This button will allow the user to download a copy of your current resume.

         Your resume should be in pdf or doc format.

All 4 pages need to be linked to each other, so at anytime a user can successfully switch between any section.

You must use a minimum of 2 image/graphic per page.

Link and style your website with an external style sheet.

Use what you have learned from your textbooks to help you design your website.

You will be graded on design 50%, layout 25% and content 25%. Remember to make it look professional!

Final Project #1 will be due at the start of class on November 21st.

If you do not hand it in within the given time you will be given a zero for the project.

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