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Monday, 28 November 2011 18:00

Final Project #2

Written by Robert Gallegos
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CIS 212          Fall 2011                               Final Project #2                   Date handed out: 11/28/11

Create your own 3 page website for a professional coffee company. The website must contain the following:

Page 1

Home Page

Include the use of the meta tag(s) that uses words and phrases in your code which could improve your rankings and help search engines determine what your page is about.

Page 2
About us

Page 3

Online Order Form - As used on page 631 of your textbook.

You can use the images and text from your textbook, “Headfirst, HTML with CSS & XHTML” when creating your professional coffee website. (Starbuzz Coffee or Head First Lounge examples)

All 3 pages need to be linked to each other, so at any time a user can successfully switch between any sections.

Link and style your website with an external style sheet.

You will be graded on 25% functionality, 25% layout and 25% content and 25% on design.

Project is due by the end of class on 12/05/11. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you do not hand this project in by that time you will receive a 0 (zero) for the project.