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Saturday, 27 August 2011 09:18

Homework #1

Written by Robert Gallegos
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CIS 212           Fall 2011         Homework 1                                    Date handed out: 08/22/2011

1 The Language of the Web: getting to know HTML
2 Meet the “HT” in HTML: going further with hypertext

Reading Assignment:            Freeman & Freeman, Chapter 1 and 2

Note: Your answers must be turned in handwritten on another sheet of paper (no typed responses will be accepted).

Homework due at beginning of class on Monday August, 8/29:

1.  Write a basic HTML page by hand using the example found in Chapter 1 page 7 of your textbook as a template. Make sure to use the following HTML elements: <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>, <h1>, <h2>, <h2>, and <p>.

2.  What does the HTML acronym stand for?

3. An HTML element consists (in almost all cases) of what three parts?

4. How often should the <h1> element appear on a page? (Hint: The <h1> element is sometimes referred to as the "page heading").

5.  How many different heading elements are available in HTML?

6.  Do the contents of an HTML page's <head> element get displayed on a webpage?

7.  How do you write a comment in HTML?

8.  Which HTML element do you use to emphasize text?

9.  What are the two commonly used file extensions for HTML files?

10. Which HTML element is most associated with the "HyperText" aspect of HTML?

11. Define the term attribute in relation to its usage in HTML.

12.  What does the href attribute for the anchor element stand for?

13.  What is the title attribute for the anchor element useful for?

14.  What is the main benefit of using relative URLs over absolute URLs?

15.  When creating a relative HTML link, how do you represent going up one folder?

Interesting Sites - Visit and write a short paragraph on what you learned from each site listed: