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Thursday, 18 February 2010 23:22

Art 262: Gallery Display

Written by Thomas Gilbertson
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Gallery Display Art 262            CRN# 10730   

Link to Syllabus

Meets on Thursday from 12 noon to 1:10 pm.  Three additional hours each week to be arranged.

Students are responsible for 3 additional hours per week of work in the gallery or on gallery duties.  This will usually consist of 'gallery sitting' duties.  It may also include helping to install exhibitions, take down exhibitions, help with opening receptions, and cleaning the gallery. Note: Grades are partly assessed on the number of hours worked (3 hours being the required minimum) and not being available to be in the gallery the minimum number of hours will not be an excuse.   It is the responsibility of each student to accrue these hours.    Students: if you are unable to be reasonably flexible in scheduling your gallery hours then you shouldn't take this class.  



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