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Sunday, 14 February 2010 15:28

Art 104: History & Appreciation of Modern Art

Written by Thomas Gilbertson
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This class will meet "face 2 face" 8 times during the semester... the remainder of the class will be done on line.  It is a "hybrid" class.  Students must be prepared to work partly on line.  

Here is the link to the college "Distance Ed" site.  Go here and follow the instructions on "how to log in."



Text books: The Annotated Mona Lisa

Students in this class are responsible for downloading the handouts and lecture notes for each meeting.  The "downloads" are critical to successful completion of this course.  You will need to bring the handouts for each weeks lecture.  These downloaded lecture notes have pictures of the paintings and other artworks introduced in each lecture.  You will put additional notes directly on the downloaded handout.  This will be your study guide for the mid-term and final exams.  NOTE: Click on "File>Print>Page Scaling>multiple slides per sheet," then put in the number of pages (images) that you want on each sheet (3, 6, 9, etc.)  Don't print out 94 pages!  Do it with 6 or 9 images per "handout"

Syllabus_Fall2010_Art 102








The Golden Age of Dutch Painting

Neo-Classicism, Romanticism, and Goya

Realism, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

American Art_19th c.


Early Photography


Lecture notes:

Important!  With a PC go to "Print Preview" and indicate the number of pages to print on each page.  With Mac, be sure and open the "scaling" box in the print window.....  select "2 by 2" before hitting "print."

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