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Sunday, 14 February 2010 15:36

Art 120_Drawing I

Written by Thomas Gilbertson
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Tuesday and Thursday ...1:30 until 4:40 pm

Download and Print each of the following and bring to class.


Syllabus_Drawing I_Fall11

Sketch Journal

 Materials List


Below are 2 examples of the "grid self-portrait" project that we do in Beginning Drawing each semester.  Students put a "grid" over a photograph of themselves and then "transfer" the image, square by square, to a larger piece of paper with a "distorted grid."  Each square is rendered in graphite showing the full range of values of the original photo.  Students gain experience in using graphite (pencil) in a refined and disciplined manner.   All of the drawings below are18x24" on white sulfite drawing paper, rendered in graphite.  (My apologies to the artists for the poor quality of the photos.... TG)


           "Ramsey, Spring 2010"                                                "Rachel, Spring 2010"



                   "Manuel, SP2010"                                                 "Josephine, SP2010"



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