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Fall 2021

EDUC200Intro to Elem Class Teaching

Recommended Preparation: ENGL 110 with a grade of "C" or better. This course introduces students to the concepts and issues related to teaching diverse learners in today?s contemporary schools, Kindergarten through Grade 12 (K-12). Topics include teaching as a profession and career, historical and philosophical foundations of the American education system, contemporary educational issues, California?s content standards and frameworks, and teacher performance standards. In addition to class time, the course requires a minimum of 30 hours of structured fieldwork in public school elementary classrooms that represent California?s diverse student population, and includes cooperation with at least one carefully selected and campus-approved certificated classroom teacher. (C-ID EDUC 200) (CSU)
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Available: 20
Class begins: 2021-08-16, Class ends: 2021-12-11

COUN120College Success Skills

This course is designed to assist students in learning how to reach their collegiate and life planning goals. Topics include college orientation, study skills, cultural diversity awareness, self-evaluation of personal characteristics related to educational success, and transitioning to college life. The central theme of the course is a holistic approach to the individuality of students in higher education, which include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and age. Strategies covered will include skills such as creative goal setting, note-taking, listening, time-management, learning styles, critical thinking, test taking, library and financial resources and educational program planning. Course is recommended for new and continuing students. (CSU, UC)
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Available: -24
Class begins: 2021-08-16, Class ends: 2021-12-11

COUN100Personal & Career Development

This comprehensive course explores the issues and tasks related to personal and career development over the lifespan. Applying psychological, sociological, and physiological principles, students will utilize the career planning process to begin to prepare effectively for work in the 21st century global economy. Topics include assessment of interests, personality characteristics, transferable skills, and work values, career exploration, and decision-making strategies. Job search preparation includes development of a resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. Prepares new and re-entry students to explore, identify, and integrate career and life planning goals. Emphasis is placed on the importance of actively managing one's career to achieve success in all life roles. (CSU)
Code #DivisionDepartmentMeeting DaysTimeLocationStatus
Available: -3
Class begins: 2021-08-16, Class ends: 2021-12-11